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A brief history. And so it begins...

It all started way back in 2019, with a man, a vision, and a long and lonesome highway...

Well, not really. But at least the song is cool.

Seriously though, it all started with a decommissioned grocery store and a need for a place for people to go to have parties, social gatherings, music events and just hang out.

Each month, we’ll bring you concert events that you’d typically only find in big cities. With entertainment ranging from…

Straight From Nashville:

Twice a month we'll introduce you to your next favorite acts from Nashville.

Singer-Songwriter Rounds:

A MUST experience. You may not know their names, but you know their songs. Now, come listen to their stories. Singer-Songwriter rounds brings you the brains behind the voices. Come listen to songwriters as they share their story behind the songs and preform them the way they were written.

Small Town Rock Stars:

Showin' some love to our local rock stars themselves. Come see the areas best musicians.

East of Omaha

524 Main Street
Griswold, IA, 51535

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